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Hello, there!

Well. I enjoy cooking, so I felt like looking through a few grocery store catalogs, or fliers, whatever, because I wanted to look at the prices of steak. (what a loser, right?)

I look at King Kullen (My family never even goes there, but heck.).

So I scrutinize the pages and then I come across Ka-Me crackers. Ha, Kame crackers, I think to myself. But then I look closer at the product and see a turtle.

Crackers! ^_^ If you look under the KAME on the bag of crackers, you'll see a turtle.

A bad attempt at a close-up. You see, my camera can't take SUPER close-up shots. Sigh.

So get off your butt, go to King Kullen and grab a pack of Kame crackers. Yum.

AND ALSO. Because the turtle has a red background, it's Akame. Kinda.

And anyone going to watch Ponyo? WHO'S WITH ME. XP

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Just to let you people know, Kame's new solo, especially for their tour, is so amazing. You can listen to it here. It's definitely not mine.

Went to the mall with a friend! I should seriously go to the mall more often. By the way, in the store ESSENTIALS, I heard a remix of Utada Hikaru's Come Back to Me. OMG OMG it was unbelievable. Even though I don't know much about Utada, but I do know that I like the song. But Utada fans, don't make daily trips there because chances are they're not gonna play it again. But wow, it was great to hear her song in a measly mall, not measly, but a mall in a basically unknown borough.

And thanks, ______ (my BFFL, I won't tell names) for doing my nails. LUV EM. But you might wanna practice cutting cuticles. Ouch!!

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This is going to be temporary, I think? I dunno.


SO. My first LiveJournal. Sounds like stuff like My First Little Pony, or My First Steps, or My First Word.

BUT ANYWAY. You should know that I am a huge fan of KAT-TUN, a um, half-fan of NEWS because I know basically nothing about them but can somehow still love them at the same time and that's pretty much it. I KNOW. I should really expand my horizons.


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