poof1013 (poof1013) wrote,

I haven't had internet access for a while.

I'm going to update this later with more details but before I forget anything (the memory is fading by the minute)

We went to a shopping place with pretty cheap and awesome buying items. Me and Jessie decided to be drawn by an artist (pretty accurate except my drawing looked cross eyed, but then again i guess i am a little crosseyed). After that I started walking around looking at stuff (I bought the sexiest watch ever, EVERRRR!! And i bargained it for 35 yen! which is 5 bucks!) And there was a TV screen with a video demo of this pretty sparkly multi-functional hair clip. I just stood there watching it and then a guy, salesman, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said (in chinese), Ah no thanks. And then he insisted that I buy it as I walked away, and I kept saying no thanks ( i didn't have much money left) and he kept following me. Then I tried saying:

"I don't have any money left!" *walk walk walk*
"Then. I'll give it to you for free!" *follow follow follow*
*stops walking* "You're kidding me."
"I'll give it to you for free."
"No way." *walk walk walk*
"I will give it to you for free!" *follow follow follow*
"No such thing. No way." *walks faster* (By now, this salesdude is pretty far from his selling area. Also, we are both grinning like mad xD)
"I will GIVE it to you for FREE!" *follows faster*
"NO, no, thank you, bye." *disappears into other shop* 

I met up with my sister who was trying to bargain for a backpack that cost 160 when she only had 50. I told her about the salesman duude and how I almost got a free hair clip. She said, "Aw, you shoulda just been like, 'Okay I'll take it.'" which was something I didn't think of before.

will edit later.
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