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dead butterflies for the win.

at the sushi place.<< this was when my hair was still long.
Aug 27. 2010. badadada!

I'm too lazy to update the last entry. So every night (which is morning in NY) I guess I'll just do a recap of the day. That is, if I'm not tired enough/if I can get my sister to move her ass off the laptop.)

So here's my recap for today.

today: went to, like, botany paradise, snapped way too many pics. then a temple. then went to to this huge pool center. then ate SUSHII at this awesome restaurant called japan fusion which is apparently the "biggest japanese restaurant in asia".

will add details later because people are bugging me to go to bed GODAMMIT SHUT UP PLEAZE.


August 27, 2010.


This was one of our busy days. The first thing we did was go to this park-like thing with a huge collection of plants, plants and plants. And butterflies. I took a bazillion pictures of these. It was like, botany paradise. And there were butterflies, really cool ones that didn’t flutter away in fear once you approached them. Got some awesome pics of those, too. Then we went to this Buddhist temple thing. You have to take three sticks, set the tips on fire and let them burn and stuff, and then go to a bunch of gold Buddha statues and pray by bowing three times with the sticks. It was really hot outside. And then I got these grasshead thingies. Sorta like that Ch-ch-chia thing where you just water it and grass grows on its head. And then me, mom, Jessie, and my uncle played some badminton (I suck terribly). And then me and Jessie failed at volleyball. We went home. I slept heavily.

Then my aunt drove us to this HUGE HUGE pool area called the Shenzhen swimming and diving center. It had so many pools, for lil kids and gigantic slides and 3 deep, Olympic sized pools. There’s only a locker room and no changing room so it was like, filled with like, middle aged women awkwardly changing in and out of their bathing suits. Like, saggy butts in your face EWW. My aunt’s friends and also this doctor we met a few days back and his wife and kid were with us too. The doctor dude spoke some English. Accented English, naturally, but understandable. His kid was in 4th grade and sort of attempted to speak to me and my sister in English, like, ‘What is your name?’ So we went into this indoor, Olympic sized pool and it turned out to be 2 meters deep and I was like :O because I cannot swim for my life. (someone teach me???) And the doctor was like, OH NO YOU’RE GOING TO DROWN IF YOU STAY HERE. He and his wife were like, Oh the older girl can swim, but the younger one is useless. People always label me and my sister as the older one and the younger on. And then I tried to tread water for a little but I can’t for too long. Lulz, I get outta breath. >.< Me and Jessie left and went on the slides. One thing that was an eyesore was all the guys’ bathing suits, young and old. They either wore tight, nasty, butt-squeezing speedos or thong-like swimsuits. EWWW. After the slides, Jessie and I went to the shallow kiddie pool. Which was cool. Then we went to the outdoor 2 meter pool (wanted to get tan. Teehee. But didn’t get tan anyway.) and Jessie reinforced the frog style (aka breast stroke, but I grew up calling it frog style) After a while we went back to the indoor 2m pool and that creepy doctor dude was like, I KNOW you can swim, I KNOW you can do it! You are good! It was sorta annoying. And then I asked him, how about you, can you swim? He asked me to hold his glasses (thick, nerdy) and he swam back and forth. He was pretty good. After that he started saying, you can tread water, you can dive, surely you can swim! And then my sister was like, how would you know if she can dive, she didn’t dive, nor is there any diving board here. (The only ‘diving’ I did was swimming to the bottom of the pool)

After leaving the pool and taking some pictures, we went to this AWESOME sushi restaurant called Japan Fusion which, on the cover of the menu, boasted itself as ‘The largest Japanese restaurant in Asia’. It was a really pretty, fancy-looking restaurant with dimmed lights and cool decor. The waiters had these ancient Japanese looking outfits. There was a small appetizer, fresh baby octopus in this yummy yummy sauce that I cannot identify. And then there was this DELICIOUS broiled eel. Ultimately the best eel I have ever had in my life. It was tender and so tasty and just YUMYUMNOMNOMNOM. There were more dishes that I can’t remember. There was fried rice, fried udon (which was cool), and congee. Jess order spicy beef rolls which had this red-looking beef that looked raw but didn’t taste it and on the outside was bonito, which was nice. I ordered a sushi platter that had two hand rolls, one salmon, one tamago, and then salmon sushi, some sort of white fish, tamago, eel, and inari. T’was all yummy. For dessert, the whole table shared a gigantic mound of red bean and ice. When the meal was done, more pics were taken.


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