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WORD. Major [previous] events, broski.

Hello again. Today is not one of the days where I am magnificently busy and outside and having a life. I'm just sitting down typing on a laptop, playing Katy Perry's album, One of the Boys. Nobody's home except me and my sister. We're trying on those pore strip thingies. You take a packet, squeeze out this thick, white toothpastey thing and spread it on your nose. You end up looking like a moron with a white nose. So you leave the strip on for 15-20 minutes and apparently all your impurities on your nose will come off when you peel it off. Um, okay. Yesterday I didn't go running so I tried this morning, at like 8:30 (which seems to be the hottest point of the day) I ran two laps as a warm up. (each one takes about 3:40 if I go at an easy pace. 2:30 if I'm going for speed.) The new headphones I bought were lousy because they kept freaking falling out!! They're the kind that clips to your ear, not the earbuds that you stick in. I had to keep stopping because when the headphones would fall out and my jogging would swing the headphones to knock into my eye and it was was just plain old annoying. So i went back in the house and got my earphones (only the left one works) and then went back outside. By now it was BLAZZZINGGG hot and sunny and after running for only 4 mins I was just. Ugh, could not take it anymore. So went back inside to find myself dripping with sweat and my chest uber-shiny like in those sports commercials. So cool~~ but nasty, too. and if you touched my back, your hand would look like you just dunked it in a bucket of water. So I took a shower, ate breakfast, blah blah. Today was especially boringggggg. I ended up camwhoring (which is a slang term for taking excessive pictures of yourself). 

So hi. i promised y'all a recount of all things that have happened so far in China.

Sorry, I can't.

Heh, well, not completely. 

It's just that. Well, I know i've said this before, but so much happens every day that I really can't remember them all. In fact, I only remember half of everything. Let's see, how long have I been here..? Nearly two weeks. Ugh, I wish I could remember every detail, and it would be so so so much easier if I wrote everything down in a journal. Which is why I started doing Livejournal. Better late than never.

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