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Here you go.

So this is pretty much how a typical day in China goes.

7ish AM: Wake up. Usually to the sound of my mom talking to her mom who is my grandmom in Chinese. I pretend not to hear this and try to fall asleep (but it never works). So stay in bed thinking about stuff until Mom comes and says, "Wake up!" and pretend that I just woke up but I'm really just too lazy to get outta bed.

Half hr later: Get out of bed. Brush teeth, wash face, blah. Change into sporty clothes. Talk to sister. Talk to everybody else in the house. Listen to my grandma ramble about how happy she is that I'm running.

8:30 AM:
(optional) Go outside and start jogging around the circle that is the neighborhood in which I live. China is SERIOUSLY hotter, so I am sweating like an obese pig by 6 minutes. By fifteen minutes of jogging, I'm usually too tired to go on by then, which is pretty pathetic because I'm supposed to be running for 35 minutes straight. (Rawr, I'm missing so many track practices that I know I'm going to be waaay, WAY out of shape by then and I'll be huffing and puffing behind all the other girls and Coach will be all >:O and ARRGGGH.) And I might to some pushups/sit-ups or some sprinting or some sort of thing.  

9 ish AM: Return home from running extremely sweaty, especially on my back... Grandma marvels about how terrific my running is, but then she and my grandpa insist that I eat breakfast first because apparently showering immediately after exercise is bad for you. (My grandparents are always trying to get food in my and my sister's stomachs, but out of good intentions, I'm sure.) So I eat a lil' something, like fruit or bread (these folks are big on bread/rice), but still head to the shower because it just feels pretty nasty with all that half-dried sweat on ya.  

9:30 ish AM: I'm done with the shower. After exercise, I take long showers because I pretty much have to sccrrubb because who wants any leftover gunk? By now, one of our relatives (most likely my aunt/the wife of my mom's older brother [my mom has two brothers, one older and one younger]) are scheduled to pick us up to bring us to a cool location for the day or to a restaurant to 'drink tea', which is the direct translation of the Chinese term. It's pretty much going to a Chinese restaurant and have lunch which includes dim sum, which includes little dish thingies of food that are placed on a spinny glass wheel thing that is placed in the middle of the table. People spin the thing to reach the dish of their desire. WHOA it sounds so cool when you describe it but in real life it's not that amazing. Although it may sound like it, we don't play the Wheel of Fortune for lunch (but that'd be cool). If we're not at a restaurant, it means either shopping locally at the area near our apartment that is well into walking distance (it's like walking from my house to P.S.56) or hopping into my aunt's car and driving off somewhere awesome that's a minimum of 30 mins away. The local area has MUCH less expensive prices. (Just today, Jessie bought a sports watch for an equivalent of 5 US dollars. Five bucks!) It has a McDonalds that I render to be pretty awesome. They have curly fries! They're spiraled, crispy, seasoned things of goodness that will make the most picky eater swoon. Okay, well maybe not Al (shoutout!! <3). They have these honey lemon chicken wings that are small (two for 7 yen, which is like two for a dollar) but are packed with flavorrrr. They just taste good, which is surprising for a fast food joint. Ooh, ooh, and they have this ice cream soda float thingy that comes in fruit flavors. The only ones I'm familiar with are lychee (my FAVE), peach, and orange. It's fruity soda with a blend of ice cream and whipped cream on top. It looks Starbucks-worthy and tastes AWESOME. Okay so there are a few stores, a few convenience stores (like a 7-11), a restaurant or two, a big Walmart-y type store that has three floors; a grocery store, a supply store/electronics, and clothing store. Everything in this market thing is cheapooo, I mean, this is where I got these jean capris for about 4 US dollars. I guess this place is good for groceries but the clothing area gets a little boring if you visit it more than once. It doesn't change, really. They have English words printed on their shirts that make no sense at all. Like, a sentence could be "The striking pedophiles color diarrhea socks" and the people would buy it because they wouldn't know what it means. Some shirts just have bunch of gibberish like "Smile fasghd jgioe happiness gjearn iral". I stay away from both types of shirts because I know when I go to America, people will be like, "Oh, what does your shirt say? Mickey… is.. party.. yummy? What the hell?" so yeah. (but i did find an English shirt that I liked. It says "Make the quiet scream" which a cool thing to have on a shirt, no?) And then a few blocks down, there's a more expensive mall-ish area where I got my makeup done (will discuss that in another journal entry).

         (Okay, I got off track. I was supposed to describe the (minimum of 30 minutes away, someplace awesome) but there are so many places. I'll spill about them in the next entry, probably.)

 5:45ish or 6:00 PM: We come home and eat dinner. Sometimes relatives will be over, but usually it's just the two old folks, mom, Jess, and me. My grandpa starts offering me food like, "Sally, try these delicious vegetables!" and I'm like, "No thank you, I'll get them myself." but he has bad hearing so he cant hear me and ends up plopping the veggies in my bowl and I'm just like, ugh, facepalm!! I know that my grandpa is a sweet old man who only has good intentions (oh, but he has called me "difficult" before), and also he's the one who cooks the dinners, but sometimes his overbearing urge to shove food in my bowl is annoying. I always end up leaving the table the first. I don't quite know why, maybe I'd just rather go in our room and chill than sit quietly at a table and be like, yes, yup, no, ah, I'm full, thanks.

For the rest of the day, PM: I might watch the youth Olympics (they're friggin AWESOME!!!) or watch Chinese MTV, lmao. I don't even have American MTV, so this is like, whoa, coolness. Or I might organize the stuff I bought from that day. Or I might go on the computer and blog. Internet is expensive, (1 yen per minute) so I just type up my blog entries on Microsoft Word first and then copy and paste them onto Livejournal so it saves me internet time. By now, I'm probably pretty tired so I just go straight to bed. If I'm bored, I'll just look back through my text convos on my phone and start miserably missing my friends. (SHOUTOUT TO MA LOVELY FBI!!! <333)

So there you go. That's my typical day in China for you. Sorry, I probably go sidetracked and went way off topic at some points and you probably ended up skimming the rest, but that is not my fault. Well anyway. See ya, world wide web!

Coming up next: WORD. Major [previous] events, broski.

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