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Peace out, suckers.

August 15, 2010. Sunday afternoon. Location: Newark Airport

Dad drove us to the airport. Unloaded luggage from car. Hugged daddy goodbye, since we wouldn’t see him for another, what, 3-4 weeks, plus we were missing his birthday. Walked into airport. Went through sign in thingy. Got boarding passes. Took picture of boarding pass. Sent pic to FBI. Went to that terminal check thingy where they check your boday and yer stuff. Fooled around with Jessie on the line. Had to take off shoes, to reveal my unmatching socks. (Matching socks are racist!!) Walked around airport. Saw a magnificent perfume store and went OOOHH!! And abandonded Mom and Jess. Tried on a bunch, which includes D&G Light blue, BURBERRY by Burberry, and Burberry Weekend. Was wearing my purple/red shirt that says ‘NEVER LOOK BACK’ (just random info I thought I'd add in).

After not long, we went on the plane. I called the window seat. Was texting Al, Liz, and Nessa, sending them pics. Pretty miserable about leaving them. Plane took off. Watched a bunch of movies, probably worth like 50 bucks of movie tickets. Bridal Wars, Legally Blonde, Date Night, and The Hangover (which by the way I didn’t think was THAT funny). And then I watched an episode of House, five minutes of Gossip Girl, fifteen minutes of an episode of The Office, watched maybe ten minutes of The Big Bang Theory, two episodes of Sonny with a Chance, and two episodes of Suite Life on Deck. << yeah, I know, Disney. But I haven’t watched Disney in YEARS since at home we don’t have the Disney channel. I listened to a random bunch of songs. Like, pretty much in every genre. Fell asleep to a weird album called Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. One song I think I really liked, Empire Rats. Played Texas Hold’em Poker. So yeah, I hope I made the most of the price of this airplane ticket. The whole time mom was bothering me about sleeping, she was like GO TO SLEEP OR YOU’LL GET JET LAG. Which, admittedly, I did get later on. After 16 hours, it was around 6:55 pm, August 16 in HK. We were looking for stuff that I cannot remember. Like, phone activation stuff so we could call each other in China. And OMG I was overwhelmed with all the short fobby Asians in the airport. And the guys.. were just not straight-looking. So I texted that status to fb. Idk if it ever got through. Language barrier much? I couldn’t read any of the signs, or really understand any of the announcements. Thank god for mom. Sat down on smexy, stylish chairs because my feet were mad tired.

Took a ‘limousine’ home. It’s just a van that fits people and their luggage and drives them to whatever. Like a taxi, only bigger and not as aesthetically pleasing. Got to our grandparents’ home. It was fairly nerve-racking, because it is indeed hard to please old asian grandparents. One step higher than asian parents. Greeted them with hugs/ Went to bed.

SO SO SOOO much has been happening here in china. it's a long, long long loooong story, but i just can't fit it all. the above isn't even a mere fraction of what i have to say. every day, we're always busy. we DO stuff, which is quite a contrast to my life in america where it was like, eat, sleep, repeat. i can't say i am 100% loving it here, because it does have its downsides. but it's nice. if not, great. i miss my friends. gee i hope they havent forgotten about me >.>. it's getting late here in china so gtg!!

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