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Hey folks.
Well, I was looking back at old entries thinking, WOW.
I used to be a serious sucker for feminine Japanese boys.
Such as KAT-TUN.

I've grown apart from them. Not intentionally. But KT just became less and less important. I didn't have a need to check their every show, their every magazine photoshoot, whatever. I haven't looked at KAT-TUN LOVE in months. And also with Jin gone, i don't know. When I listen to KT and think of the memories... some are fun. That little spark of glee when I saw Kame wiggle his hips.. I realizse what a goddamn waste of my childhood it was. i don't know how many videos I watched, or how many pictures I downloaded. It was a bad addiction, and it also ruined my eyesight, after staring at the computer so much. All i'm left with is a craving for sushi...

I'm in china now. Will post entries about that. Ah, so much is happening every day, i realy can't remember it all.

I used the livejournal location detector thing. HA, i'm in shenzhen, not guangzhou, stupid. :P
Tags: china, kat-tun
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