September 1st, 2010

Windy Kame

Entry for August 28, 2010.

August 28, 2010.


I got a haircut. My cousin gets her hair cut and dyed at this salon and told me there was a branch nearby. At first, my aunt was going to take us there but she’s a teacher (she teaches English, in fact. And her husband [my uncle] teaches physics. Both my grandparents were teachers, too. It’s so cool, I never knew I had a family of teachers.) and middle school here starts on Sept 1 but she has to prepare beforehand. So my mom, Jessie and I walked to a hair salon. All three of us were cutting our hair. We were led upstairs (the staircase was so steep, like each step was two feet) to wash our hair. The dude who was washing my hair asked me questions in Chinese that I had no clue what meant so I was just, like, yeahhh, awkwardly not answering his questions like a mute person. I started to think that it would have been a smarter idea to google Chinese phrases for getting a haircut. After he was done washing my hair he started drying off my face and neck when all of a sudden he started wiggling his fingers in my ears, I guess to get the water out of them. IT WAS MAD WEIRD. Sort of ticklish, kinda creepy, and I started to sort of laugh but tried to restrain it.

Was then led back downstairs to cut my hair. My hairdresser was a tad chubby, with TIGHT jeans and a TIGHT shirt (what IS it with male hairdressers and their tight outfits??). He asked me questions about how I wanted my hair cut but I didn’t understand them at all so I was just like, yes no yes okay no. The only thing I could say was ‘I want two inches’ in a heavy American accent. Thankfully my mom was nearby getting a perm and she overheard me answering yes to one of his questions. I almost got myself like, a mullet and evenly cut hair (I hate evenly cut hair). My mom translated for me. But the longer I watched him, the more it looked like the guy was cutting my hair evenly. So I started to panic. I started glaring at the guy’s face in the mirror and tried to give him my bitchiest face but hehe he never saw. I got in a reaaaally negative mood and started picturing my self slugging the hairdresser in the face when he was done cutting my hair. Thoughts like, Look miserable, don’t smile, don’t give them that satisfaction., went through my head. Basically I got into a screw-the-world mood. I took out the anger by glaring at my mom’s reflection in the mirror and she was like, wth? But the haircut turned out to be not so bad, but still something I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CUT MYSELF. Geez. My sister’s haircut was like a bowl cut. She wanted her hair even shorter when she was done cutting her hair. To pass time, I looked at a magazine and saw some Japanese models that I was familiar with after watching so much of KAT-TUN’s show. The outfits were awesome. All the models are gorg, and are mixed, for example, half Japanese, half white.

Mom’s perm was taking long so me and Jess decided to walk around. There was a street magician performing. He was doing the usual boring tricks. We saw these two husky dogs on the street and OMG they were beyond adorable. It was unusual to see them in such hot., humid weather I bought two chicken cutlets on a stick, one for each of us. They were amazing. We also got ice cream cones from Mcdonalds. After a while, we came back to the hair salon and mom’s hair turned out reaaaally curly.


Later that day, I was watching TV. There was this American romance playing on TV guide. I switched channels and saw the Live in Malaysia thing playing. The Wonder Girls were performing Nobody. Geez, is that the ONLY song they have released in the US??


But later that night, TOKIO HOTEL CAME ON!! The announcer was talking about how wonderful and showstopping tokio hotel is, about how two talented twin brothers took Germany by storm. And then BAM Tokio Hotel came out and I was like aaaahhhhhh!!!! (LOUD SHOUTOUT TO VANESSA <3!!) I was so excited that I took pictures of the telly screen rofl. They performed Noise, Automatic, Dogs Unleashed, Zoom, Dark side of the sun, Monsoon, world behind my wall, and nearly the whole humanoid album. I liked Zoom best. And omggg bill had on the tightest leather pants ever (his outfits were cool). I never knew how.. hmm idk how to say it… his performing is so powerful.. and sorta… sexual LMAO. I’m not sure which song it was but he was nearly grabbing his crotch while kneeling on a motorcycle and I’m just sitting in front of the TV like whoa there billy. Tom was so adorable the entire time. I admire him even more after the show. After Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry came on with California Gurls, One of the Boys, I kissed a girl, Thinking of You, Hot n Cold, Waking up in Vegas, and Teenage Dream. She’s so awesome. Lawl, she’s the reason why I want to try fake eyelashes (which are really cheap here in china, like 25  US cents, but my mom thinks my eyelashes are long enough and won’t let me buy them) She was wearing like a ballerina outfit and then later she yanked off the tutu part so it was just a bodysuit. But then my grandma walked in on me and suggested that I go running so I did. For only 26 mins though I am going to be so efffing out of shape when I get back home I swear I will be strugggggling. <<this is like the third time I’ve mentioned this on this blog. 35 minutes is my goal but I just cant seem to do it. Allison, Angelique, Gabi, Kaitlin, Brianna, and Christy are my running idols. Oh and the older girls on the XC team. I learned this just recently, XC is an abbrev for cross country.


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