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Sep. 7th, 2010

I haven't had internet access for a while.

I'm going to update this later with more details but before I forget anything (the memory is fading by the minute)

We went to a shopping place with pretty cheap and awesome buying items. Me and Jessie decided to be drawn by an artist (pretty accurate except my drawing looked cross eyed, but then again i guess i am a little crosseyed). After that I started walking around looking at stuff (I bought the sexiest watch ever, EVERRRR!! And i bargained it for 35 yen! which is 5 bucks!) And there was a TV screen with a video demo of this pretty sparkly multi-functional hair clip. I just stood there watching it and then a guy, salesman, came up to me and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said (in chinese), Ah no thanks. And then he insisted that I buy it as I walked away, and I kept saying no thanks ( i didn't have much money left) and he kept following me. Then I tried saying:

"I don't have any money left!" *walk walk walk*
"Then. I'll give it to you for free!" *follow follow follow*
*stops walking* "You're kidding me."
"I'll give it to you for free."
"No way." *walk walk walk*
"I will give it to you for free!" *follow follow follow*
"No such thing. No way." *walks faster* (By now, this salesdude is pretty far from his selling area. Also, we are both grinning like mad xD)
"I will GIVE it to you for FREE!" *follows faster*
"NO, no, thank you, bye." *disappears into other shop* 

I met up with my sister who was trying to bargain for a backpack that cost 160 when she only had 50. I told her about the salesman duude and how I almost got a free hair clip. She said, "Aw, you shoulda just been like, 'Okay I'll take it.'" which was something I didn't think of before.

will edit later.

Entry for August 28, 2010.

August 28, 2010.


I got a haircut. My cousin gets her hair cut and dyed at this salon and told me there was a branch nearby. At first, my aunt was going to take us there but she’s a teacher (she teaches English, in fact. And her husband [my uncle] teaches physics. Both my grandparents were teachers, too. It’s so cool, I never knew I had a family of teachers.) and middle school here starts on Sept 1 but she has to prepare beforehand. So my mom, Jessie and I walked to a hair salon. All three of us were cutting our hair. We were led upstairs (the staircase was so steep, like each step was two feet) to wash our hair. The dude who was washing my hair asked me questions in Chinese that I had no clue what meant so I was just, like, yeahhh, awkwardly not answering his questions like a mute person. I started to think that it would have been a smarter idea to google Chinese phrases for getting a haircut. After he was done washing my hair he started drying off my face and neck when all of a sudden he started wiggling his fingers in my ears, I guess to get the water out of them. IT WAS MAD WEIRD. Sort of ticklish, kinda creepy, and I started to sort of laugh but tried to restrain it.

Was then led back downstairs to cut my hair. My hairdresser was a tad chubby, with TIGHT jeans and a TIGHT shirt (what IS it with male hairdressers and their tight outfits??). He asked me questions about how I wanted my hair cut but I didn’t understand them at all so I was just like, yes no yes okay no. The only thing I could say was ‘I want two inches’ in a heavy American accent. Thankfully my mom was nearby getting a perm and she overheard me answering yes to one of his questions. I almost got myself like, a mullet and evenly cut hair (I hate evenly cut hair). My mom translated for me. But the longer I watched him, the more it looked like the guy was cutting my hair evenly. So I started to panic. I started glaring at the guy’s face in the mirror and tried to give him my bitchiest face but hehe he never saw. I got in a reaaaally negative mood and started picturing my self slugging the hairdresser in the face when he was done cutting my hair. Thoughts like, Look miserable, don’t smile, don’t give them that satisfaction., went through my head. Basically I got into a screw-the-world mood. I took out the anger by glaring at my mom’s reflection in the mirror and she was like, wth? But the haircut turned out to be not so bad, but still something I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CUT MYSELF. Geez. My sister’s haircut was like a bowl cut. She wanted her hair even shorter when she was done cutting her hair. To pass time, I looked at a magazine and saw some Japanese models that I was familiar with after watching so much of KAT-TUN’s show. The outfits were awesome. All the models are gorg, and are mixed, for example, half Japanese, half white.

Mom’s perm was taking long so me and Jess decided to walk around. There was a street magician performing. He was doing the usual boring tricks. We saw these two husky dogs on the street and OMG they were beyond adorable. It was unusual to see them in such hot., humid weather I bought two chicken cutlets on a stick, one for each of us. They were amazing. We also got ice cream cones from Mcdonalds. After a while, we came back to the hair salon and mom’s hair turned out reaaaally curly.


Later that day, I was watching TV. There was this American romance playing on TV guide. I switched channels and saw the Live in Malaysia thing playing. The Wonder Girls were performing Nobody. Geez, is that the ONLY song they have released in the US??


But later that night, TOKIO HOTEL CAME ON!! The announcer was talking about how wonderful and showstopping tokio hotel is, about how two talented twin brothers took Germany by storm. And then BAM Tokio Hotel came out and I was like aaaahhhhhh!!!! (LOUD SHOUTOUT TO VANESSA <3!!) I was so excited that I took pictures of the telly screen rofl. They performed Noise, Automatic, Dogs Unleashed, Zoom, Dark side of the sun, Monsoon, world behind my wall, and nearly the whole humanoid album. I liked Zoom best. And omggg bill had on the tightest leather pants ever (his outfits were cool). I never knew how.. hmm idk how to say it… his performing is so powerful.. and sorta… sexual LMAO. I’m not sure which song it was but he was nearly grabbing his crotch while kneeling on a motorcycle and I’m just sitting in front of the TV like whoa there billy. Tom was so adorable the entire time. I admire him even more after the show. After Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry came on with California Gurls, One of the Boys, I kissed a girl, Thinking of You, Hot n Cold, Waking up in Vegas, and Teenage Dream. She’s so awesome. Lawl, she’s the reason why I want to try fake eyelashes (which are really cheap here in china, like 25  US cents, but my mom thinks my eyelashes are long enough and won’t let me buy them) She was wearing like a ballerina outfit and then later she yanked off the tutu part so it was just a bodysuit. But then my grandma walked in on me and suggested that I go running so I did. For only 26 mins though I am going to be so efffing out of shape when I get back home I swear I will be strugggggling. <<this is like the third time I’ve mentioned this on this blog. 35 minutes is my goal but I just cant seem to do it. Allison, Angelique, Gabi, Kaitlin, Brianna, and Christy are my running idols. Oh and the older girls on the XC team. I learned this just recently, XC is an abbrev for cross country.



dead butterflies for the win.

at the sushi place.<< this was when my hair was still long.
Aug 27. 2010. badadada!

I'm too lazy to update the last entry. So every night (which is morning in NY) I guess I'll just do a recap of the day. That is, if I'm not tired enough/if I can get my sister to move her ass off the laptop.)

So here's my recap for today.

today: went to, like, botany paradise, snapped way too many pics. then a temple. then went to to this huge pool center. then ate SUSHII at this awesome restaurant called japan fusion which is apparently the "biggest japanese restaurant in asia".

will add details later because people are bugging me to go to bed GODAMMIT SHUT UP PLEAZE.


August 27, 2010.


This was one of our busy days. The first thing we did was go to this park-like thing with a huge collection of plants, plants and plants. And butterflies. I took a bazillion pictures of these. It was like, botany paradise. And there were butterflies, really cool ones that didn’t flutter away in fear once you approached them. Got some awesome pics of those, too. Then we went to this Buddhist temple thing. You have to take three sticks, set the tips on fire and let them burn and stuff, and then go to a bunch of gold Buddha statues and pray by bowing three times with the sticks. It was really hot outside. And then I got these grasshead thingies. Sorta like that Ch-ch-chia thing where you just water it and grass grows on its head. And then me, mom, Jessie, and my uncle played some badminton (I suck terribly). And then me and Jessie failed at volleyball. We went home. I slept heavily.

Then my aunt drove us to this HUGE HUGE pool area called the Shenzhen swimming and diving center. It had so many pools, for lil kids and gigantic slides and 3 deep, Olympic sized pools. There’s only a locker room and no changing room so it was like, filled with like, middle aged women awkwardly changing in and out of their bathing suits. Like, saggy butts in your face EWW. My aunt’s friends and also this doctor we met a few days back and his wife and kid were with us too. The doctor dude spoke some English. Accented English, naturally, but understandable. His kid was in 4th grade and sort of attempted to speak to me and my sister in English, like, ‘What is your name?’ So we went into this indoor, Olympic sized pool and it turned out to be 2 meters deep and I was like :O because I cannot swim for my life. (someone teach me???) And the doctor was like, OH NO YOU’RE GOING TO DROWN IF YOU STAY HERE. He and his wife were like, Oh the older girl can swim, but the younger one is useless. People always label me and my sister as the older one and the younger on. And then I tried to tread water for a little but I can’t for too long. Lulz, I get outta breath. >.< Me and Jessie left and went on the slides. One thing that was an eyesore was all the guys’ bathing suits, young and old. They either wore tight, nasty, butt-squeezing speedos or thong-like swimsuits. EWWW. After the slides, Jessie and I went to the shallow kiddie pool. Which was cool. Then we went to the outdoor 2 meter pool (wanted to get tan. Teehee. But didn’t get tan anyway.) and Jessie reinforced the frog style (aka breast stroke, but I grew up calling it frog style) After a while we went back to the indoor 2m pool and that creepy doctor dude was like, I KNOW you can swim, I KNOW you can do it! You are good! It was sorta annoying. And then I asked him, how about you, can you swim? He asked me to hold his glasses (thick, nerdy) and he swam back and forth. He was pretty good. After that he started saying, you can tread water, you can dive, surely you can swim! And then my sister was like, how would you know if she can dive, she didn’t dive, nor is there any diving board here. (The only ‘diving’ I did was swimming to the bottom of the pool)

After leaving the pool and taking some pictures, we went to this AWESOME sushi restaurant called Japan Fusion which, on the cover of the menu, boasted itself as ‘The largest Japanese restaurant in Asia’. It was a really pretty, fancy-looking restaurant with dimmed lights and cool decor. The waiters had these ancient Japanese looking outfits. There was a small appetizer, fresh baby octopus in this yummy yummy sauce that I cannot identify. And then there was this DELICIOUS broiled eel. Ultimately the best eel I have ever had in my life. It was tender and so tasty and just YUMYUMNOMNOMNOM. There were more dishes that I can’t remember. There was fried rice, fried udon (which was cool), and congee. Jess order spicy beef rolls which had this red-looking beef that looked raw but didn’t taste it and on the outside was bonito, which was nice. I ordered a sushi platter that had two hand rolls, one salmon, one tamago, and then salmon sushi, some sort of white fish, tamago, eel, and inari. T’was all yummy. For dessert, the whole table shared a gigantic mound of red bean and ice. When the meal was done, more pics were taken.



WORD. Major [previous] events, broski.

Click for today's rant-y diary entry...Collapse )

So hi. i promised y'all a recount of all things that have happened so far in China.

Sorry, I can't.

Heh, well, not completely. 

It's just that. Well, I know i've said this before, but so much happens every day that I really can't remember them all. In fact, I only remember half of everything. Let's see, how long have I been here..? Nearly two weeks. Ugh, I wish I could remember every detail, and it would be so so so much easier if I wrote everything down in a journal. Which is why I started doing Livejournal. Better late than never.

Here you go.

So this is pretty much how a typical day in China goes.

7ish AM: Wake up. Usually to the sound of my mom talking to her mom who is my grandmom in Chinese. I pretend not to hear this and try to fall asleep (but it never works). So stay in bed thinking about stuff until Mom comes and says, "Wake up!" and pretend that I just woke up but I'm really just too lazy to get outta bed.

Half hr later: Get out of bed. Brush teeth, wash face, blah. Change into sporty clothes. Talk to sister. Talk to everybody else in the house. Listen to my grandma ramble about how happy she is that I'm running.

8:30 AM:
(optional) Go outside and start jogging around the circle that is the neighborhood in which I live. China is SERIOUSLY hotter, so I am sweating like an obese pig by 6 minutes. By fifteen minutes of jogging, I'm usually too tired to go on by then, which is pretty pathetic because I'm supposed to be running for 35 minutes straight. (Rawr, I'm missing so many track practices that I know I'm going to be waaay, WAY out of shape by then and I'll be huffing and puffing behind all the other girls and Coach will be all >:O and ARRGGGH.) And I might to some pushups/sit-ups or some sprinting or some sort of thing.  

9 ish AM: Return home from running extremely sweaty, especially on my back... Grandma marvels about how terrific my running is, but then she and my grandpa insist that I eat breakfast first because apparently showering immediately after exercise is bad for you. (My grandparents are always trying to get food in my and my sister's stomachs, but out of good intentions, I'm sure.) So I eat a lil' something, like fruit or bread (these folks are big on bread/rice), but still head to the shower because it just feels pretty nasty with all that half-dried sweat on ya.  

9:30 ish AM: I'm done with the shower. After exercise, I take long showers because I pretty much have to sccrrubb because who wants any leftover gunk? By now, one of our relatives (most likely my aunt/the wife of my mom's older brother [my mom has two brothers, one older and one younger]) are scheduled to pick us up to bring us to a cool location for the day or to a restaurant to 'drink tea', which is the direct translation of the Chinese term. It's pretty much going to a Chinese restaurant and have lunch which includes dim sum, which includes little dish thingies of food that are placed on a spinny glass wheel thing that is placed in the middle of the table. People spin the thing to reach the dish of their desire. WHOA it sounds so cool when you describe it but in real life it's not that amazing. Although it may sound like it, we don't play the Wheel of Fortune for lunch (but that'd be cool). If we're not at a restaurant, it means either shopping locally at the area near our apartment that is well into walking distance (it's like walking from my house to P.S.56) or hopping into my aunt's car and driving off somewhere awesome that's a minimum of 30 mins away. The local area has MUCH less expensive prices. (Just today, Jessie bought a sports watch for an equivalent of 5 US dollars. Five bucks!) It has a McDonalds that I render to be pretty awesome. They have curly fries! They're spiraled, crispy, seasoned things of goodness that will make the most picky eater swoon. Okay, well maybe not Al (shoutout!! <3). They have these honey lemon chicken wings that are small (two for 7 yen, which is like two for a dollar) but are packed with flavorrrr. They just taste good, which is surprising for a fast food joint. Ooh, ooh, and they have this ice cream soda float thingy that comes in fruit flavors. The only ones I'm familiar with are lychee (my FAVE), peach, and orange. It's fruity soda with a blend of ice cream and whipped cream on top. It looks Starbucks-worthy and tastes AWESOME. Okay so there are a few stores, a few convenience stores (like a 7-11), a restaurant or two, a big Walmart-y type store that has three floors; a grocery store, a supply store/electronics, and clothing store. Everything in this market thing is cheapooo, I mean, this is where I got these jean capris for about 4 US dollars. I guess this place is good for groceries but the clothing area gets a little boring if you visit it more than once. It doesn't change, really. They have English words printed on their shirts that make no sense at all. Like, a sentence could be "The striking pedophiles color diarrhea socks" and the people would buy it because they wouldn't know what it means. Some shirts just have bunch of gibberish like "Smile fasghd jgioe happiness gjearn iral". I stay away from both types of shirts because I know when I go to America, people will be like, "Oh, what does your shirt say? Mickey… is.. party.. yummy? What the hell?" so yeah. (but i did find an English shirt that I liked. It says "Make the quiet scream" which a cool thing to have on a shirt, no?) And then a few blocks down, there's a more expensive mall-ish area where I got my makeup done (will discuss that in another journal entry).

         (Okay, I got off track. I was supposed to describe the (minimum of 30 minutes away, someplace awesome) but there are so many places. I'll spill about them in the next entry, probably.)

 5:45ish or 6:00 PM: We come home and eat dinner. Sometimes relatives will be over, but usually it's just the two old folks, mom, Jess, and me. My grandpa starts offering me food like, "Sally, try these delicious vegetables!" and I'm like, "No thank you, I'll get them myself." but he has bad hearing so he cant hear me and ends up plopping the veggies in my bowl and I'm just like, ugh, facepalm!! I know that my grandpa is a sweet old man who only has good intentions (oh, but he has called me "difficult" before), and also he's the one who cooks the dinners, but sometimes his overbearing urge to shove food in my bowl is annoying. I always end up leaving the table the first. I don't quite know why, maybe I'd just rather go in our room and chill than sit quietly at a table and be like, yes, yup, no, ah, I'm full, thanks.

For the rest of the day, PM: I might watch the youth Olympics (they're friggin AWESOME!!!) or watch Chinese MTV, lmao. I don't even have American MTV, so this is like, whoa, coolness. Or I might organize the stuff I bought from that day. Or I might go on the computer and blog. Internet is expensive, (1 yen per minute) so I just type up my blog entries on Microsoft Word first and then copy and paste them onto Livejournal so it saves me internet time. By now, I'm probably pretty tired so I just go straight to bed. If I'm bored, I'll just look back through my text convos on my phone and start miserably missing my friends. (SHOUTOUT TO MA LOVELY FBI!!! <333)

So there you go. That's my typical day in China for you. Sorry, I probably go sidetracked and went way off topic at some points and you probably ended up skimming the rest, but that is not my fault. Well anyway. See ya, world wide web!

Coming up next: WORD. Major [previous] events, broski.


Peace out, suckers.

August 15, 2010. Sunday afternoon. Location: Newark Airport

Dad drove us to the airport. Unloaded luggage from car. Hugged daddy goodbye, since we wouldn’t see him for another, what, 3-4 weeks, plus we were missing his birthday. Walked into airport. Went through sign in thingy. Got boarding passes. Took picture of boarding pass. Sent pic to FBI. Went to that terminal check thingy where they check your boday and yer stuff. Fooled around with Jessie on the line. Had to take off shoes, to reveal my unmatching socks. (Matching socks are racist!!) Walked around airport. Saw a magnificent perfume store and went OOOHH!! And abandonded Mom and Jess. Tried on a bunch, which includes D&G Light blue, BURBERRY by Burberry, and Burberry Weekend. Was wearing my purple/red shirt that says ‘NEVER LOOK BACK’ (just random info I thought I'd add in).

After not long, we went on the plane. I called the window seat. Was texting Al, Liz, and Nessa, sending them pics. Pretty miserable about leaving them. Plane took off. Watched a bunch of movies, probably worth like 50 bucks of movie tickets. Bridal Wars, Legally Blonde, Date Night, and The Hangover (which by the way I didn’t think was THAT funny). And then I watched an episode of House, five minutes of Gossip Girl, fifteen minutes of an episode of The Office, watched maybe ten minutes of The Big Bang Theory, two episodes of Sonny with a Chance, and two episodes of Suite Life on Deck. << yeah, I know, Disney. But I haven’t watched Disney in YEARS since at home we don’t have the Disney channel. I listened to a random bunch of songs. Like, pretty much in every genre. Fell asleep to a weird album called Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. One song I think I really liked, Empire Rats. Played Texas Hold’em Poker. So yeah, I hope I made the most of the price of this airplane ticket. The whole time mom was bothering me about sleeping, she was like GO TO SLEEP OR YOU’LL GET JET LAG. Which, admittedly, I did get later on. After 16 hours, it was around 6:55 pm, August 16 in HK. We were looking for stuff that I cannot remember. Like, phone activation stuff so we could call each other in China. And OMG I was overwhelmed with all the short fobby Asians in the airport. And the guys.. were just not straight-looking. So I texted that status to fb. Idk if it ever got through. Language barrier much? I couldn’t read any of the signs, or really understand any of the announcements. Thank god for mom. Sat down on smexy, stylish chairs because my feet were mad tired.

Took a ‘limousine’ home. It’s just a van that fits people and their luggage and drives them to whatever. Like a taxi, only bigger and not as aesthetically pleasing. Got to our grandparents’ home. It was fairly nerve-racking, because it is indeed hard to please old asian grandparents. One step higher than asian parents. Greeted them with hugs/ Went to bed.

SO SO SOOO much has been happening here in china. it's a long, long long loooong story, but i just can't fit it all. the above isn't even a mere fraction of what i have to say. every day, we're always busy. we DO stuff, which is quite a contrast to my life in america where it was like, eat, sleep, repeat. i can't say i am 100% loving it here, because it does have its downsides. but it's nice. if not, great. i miss my friends. gee i hope they havent forgotten about me >.>. it's getting late here in china so gtg!!



Hey folks.
Well, I was looking back at old entries thinking, WOW.
I used to be a serious sucker for feminine Japanese boys.
Such as KAT-TUN.

I've grown apart from them. Not intentionally. But KT just became less and less important. I didn't have a need to check their every show, their every magazine photoshoot, whatever. I haven't looked at KAT-TUN LOVE in months. And also with Jin gone, i don't know. When I listen to KT and think of the memories... some are fun. That little spark of glee when I saw Kame wiggle his hips.. I realizse what a goddamn waste of my childhood it was. i don't know how many videos I watched, or how many pictures I downloaded. It was a bad addiction, and it also ruined my eyesight, after staring at the computer so much. All i'm left with is a craving for sushi...

I'm in china now. Will post entries about that. Ah, so much is happening every day, i realy can't remember it all.

I used the livejournal location detector thing. HA, i'm in shenzhen, not guangzhou, stupid. :P



Just saying. I am probably going to switch permanently to another LJ account sometime this month. I'll tell you when. And my LJ username will probably be as close to this one as possible. And I'll be posting entries from my blog and this LJ.


I must say, I am changing.

This is a silly topic, I realize, but interesting.

How many of you like ginger snaps? You know, those crunchy, gingery brown cookies?

I used to hate them. Ever since my first encounter with them, it was always like, EW!! That stuff is very strong, you know?

But apparently my sister and my mom came home from Target with a box of ginger snaps. And yeah, well, I tend to eat almost anything even when I'm not hungry, so I ate one.

The ginger is soo peppery, man. It's like, WHOOOOAH, a rush of heat more hot that cinnamon!! 

I ate five. >.<
Honestly. KAT-TUN needs to release a new single. ME WANNA SEE.